Runaround Records

Brand Design + Custom Typeface

If you think Runaround Records is just another record label started in an LA studio apartment by a couple of friends and musicians, you're wrong. Kind of. LA natives, friends, roommates, and bandmates (not always in that order) Jess and Naomi started Runaround from their one-bedroom (with a very tall room divider) in 2018. Their band Can We Please had gained moderate renown on the indie scene (a couple of best-ofs in UTR and Brooklyn Vegan plus getting paid to go on tour). But their parents still weren't proud of them. Oh, and their super talented friends weren't getting signed (or worse, signing everything away in lousy deals). When their own pretty crappy deal with a label that will go unnamed expired, they set out to right these wrongs. And so Runaround was born. The Runaround brand, like the Runaround sound, is loud, vibrant, and full of energy.

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